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About Lou Bagel

Welcome to the whimsical world of Lou Bagel, where creativity knows no bounds.

At Lou Bagel, our mission is simple:

To craft entertaining and humorous experiences across various mediums, whether it's through the creation of captivating games, charming pixel art, engaging comics, or delightful merchandise.

While our creative playground encompasses a range of avenues, game development is the beating heart of our website. We're dedicated to providing a treasure trove of free, enjoyable content for all to savor.

As a one-person powerhouse, with occasional collaborations featuring the musical talents of Scowsh, I'm on a quest to maximize the impact of my work. When it comes to game development, I rely on Construct 3, and for the enchanting world of pixel art, I turn to Aseprite.

For further reading on what Lou Bagel is up to, maybe checkout State of the Bagel 2023, which turned into a brain dump.

Lou Bagel with Sunglasses

About Chris Taylor

Meet the wizard behind the bagel: Chris Taylor.

By day, I'm a seasoned professional in the realm of web development, specializing in the artistry of JavaScript, both on the front-end and back-end. However, by night, I transform into the enigmatic Lou Bagel, weaving whimsical tales and crafting memorable experiences.

For any business inquiries or opportunities, please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

Lou Bagel with Sunglasses

Developer Backstory

From the earliest days of my existence, I harbored an insatiable love for video games and an unspoken dream of being the creator behind them. In my youth, I held a vague notion of programming, envisioning it as an impenetrable fortress of ones and zeros, where every keystroke wielded the power of creation - an intimidating and elusive endeavor.

My journey into programming began with sporadic sparks of curiosity. I dabbled in introductory programming courses during my college years and explored online tutorials on HTML and CSS during high school. I even ventured into the world of game development as a sixth-grader, tasked with creating a game on a graphing calculator. Yet, despite these encounters, the path forward still seemed shrouded in complexity.

Upon graduating with an accounting degree, I embarked on a career in the realm of numbers, working at a tax firm. But the monotony of this world soon wore on me. I craved a creative outlet, but within the confines of accounting, creativity danced perilously close to the edge of impropriety.

One day, while grappling with tedious Excel tasks, I ventured into the world of Excel Macros. In an unexpected turn of events, I discovered the essence of programming and harnessed it to streamline my work. It dawned on me that, just maybe, self-learning web development was within my reach.

For years, I balanced my day job in accounting with nocturnal endeavors in web development. Serendipitously, friends in need of websites and fortuitous connections came my way. Eventually, I mustered the courage to leave my day job and plunge into freelancing.

As my confidence in web development grew, I pondered the complexity of game development. Could I teach myself this intricate craft as well? The answer was a resounding yes, and thus began my journey into game development.

In the midst of these pursuits, I also embarked on the adventure of becoming a soccer coach.

Today, I've chosen the stability of a full-time job over freelancing, and I wear it as a badge of honor. I successfully transformed my dissatisfaction with a career I once thought was my destiny into a fulfilling vocation that I truly adore.

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