AOE2: Paladin Statistics Table

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October 27, 2021

Quick Introduction

I worked on creating some sortable tables lately. I've also have been playing a ton of AOE2:DE (Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition). Figured why not put the two together?

I've been nerding out a lot looking at wikis and stats, such as here* for example, but since I don't have most civs and bonuses memorized I find it hard to compare.

*Note: I honestly didn't realize there was a comparison table on that page until after I made this :face_palm:

For example, how does Franks HP bonus actually compare to bloodlines, and who all has bloodlines?

Who would have thought that (after Lithuanians with Relics) that Malian Cavaliers have the highest attack?

I think my main use for this would be when playing as a Cavalier civ checking how it matches up and if it seems viable.

So this is kind of for fun, yes this is my idea of fun, but let me know any feedback or if there was something to make it more useful.

Lou Bagel Paladin
Bagel Paladin Unique Tech

Paladin Statistics Chart

Here are the statistics for post-imperial, fully upgraded Paladins and knight-line.

*Notes: Aztecs, Incas, Indians, and Mayans do not have a knight line and were left of the chart.
Expansion civs also left off - see below for explanation.

Click a column header to sort by that column.

All Knight Line Paladins Only
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Stable Upgrades
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Blacksmith Upgrades
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CivTypeHit PointsAttackMelee ArmorPeirce ArmorFood CostGold CostHusbandryBloodlinesBlacksmith AttackBlacksmith ArmorSpecial TechCiv Bonus
BerbersCavalier14016564860YY33-20% cost
BulgariansCavalier14016566075YY33Attack 33% Faster
BurmeseCavalier14016566075YY33plus 6 attack vs buildings
CumansPaladin18018576075NY335% faster each age
FranksPaladin19218576075YN33Stables work 40% fasterPlus 20% hit points
HunsPaladin18018576075YY33Stables work 20% faster
LithuaniansPaladin18016576075YY23up to plus 4 attack with relics
MaliansCavalier14019566075YY23plus 5 attack
PersiansPaladin18018576075YY33plus 2 attack vs archers
PortugueseCavalier14016566060YY3320% cheaper on gold
TatarsCavalier14016566075YY3325% Extra Hill Bonus Damage
TeutonsPaladin18018776075NY33plus 2 melee armor

Note: Blacksmith Armor and Attack refer to the number of upgrades available - not the value of it. I originally had the values as the names, such as "Blast Furnace", but I switched it to numerical values to make it easier to sort. Also, I get them mixed up sometimes, so figured this might be easier to digest.

Blacksmith Attack

  1. Forging
  2. Iron Casting
  3. Blast Furnace

Blacksmith Armor

  1. Scale Barding Armor
  2. Chain Barding Armor
  3. Plate Barding Armor

How I got These Stats

In case there are discrepancies, here are how I got these stats:

This is why I did not include the expansions civs. Since I do not have them I cannot use them in the scenaro editor.


After posting this I'll definitely make some updates for a time period. Especially if I make a mistake, as I typically do. So feel free to give me a shout.

As AOE2 frequently gets updated the stats could change at anytime. So I'm not going to commit to keeping this chart always up to date. That is why I always put a date on my blog posts - refer to that when you are reading this to guage whether you should be taking this with a grain of salt. I'll try to add an 'updated date' when I make updates down the road.