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July 30, 2022

I present to you...

Pixel Art tree in shape of a banana
Banana Tree

...a banana tree, obviously.


The inspiration for my banana tree was from AngrySnail and his Apple Tree:

Obviously, the concept is completely the same. And by the way, AngrySnail is totally cool with this - such a great pixel artist and a swell person.


My Redbubble shop page is basically a 1:1 representation of my warddrobe. Meaning, when I upload something to Redbubble, it basically is just for me to buy it. There are about 7 other people in the globe wearing some Lou Bagel Merch.

But I haven't decided yet what to get this one on...

Banana Tree on a T-Shirt
Banana Tree Classic T-Shirt

T-Shirt is the obvious choice. I mean, look how happy these two look:

Two Redbubble Models wearing Banana Tree T-Shirts
Banana Tree Classic T-Shirt

There is also an option for a T-shirt with a larger version of it:

Large Print of Banana Tree on a T-Shirt
Banana Tree Premium T-Shirt

But I have yet to try out Redbubble's hats:

Banana Tree on a Cap
Banana Tree Dad Hat...what's a Dad Hat?

And a hat might be a good place to wear it to have people say "Hey, what is that?" so you can reply with "Banana Tree!"

Of course don't forget things like Stickers and Totes, if you don't want to wear your banana tree:

The Follow-Up

If you can't get enough of fruit trees - and don't mind a little PG-13 action - then checkout these Cherry Trees: