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Lou Bagel

March 14, 2021

Hey there! First off:

This is just for fun!

I was playing around with CoinMarketCap's API, which has a free version, and since I didn't have a plan for what to make I just wanted to create something easy and simple first.

So for starters, below you can browse all the coins! I found it fun to browse some obscure coins I haven't heard of. Like I said though, just for fun, so please don't infer I'm suggesting anything with this like going all in on some of these coins. Do your research!

Note: to any other fellow developers out there, hit me up if you want me to do a blog post, or add to this post, on the API. CoinMarketCap's Documentation is good though.

All the Active Crypto Coins

As of March 14, 2021, below are all the active crypto coins, according to CoinMarketCap.

This will show:

Note: a few didn't have official websites so set them to whatever urls they provided

Since all the images are almost 16MB I set it up to load on click of the button instead of page load, to respect my visitor's bandwith. On a good connection they load pretty quick though.

Crypto Browser


About 16MB

Toggle Bounding Container

I'll be thinking about what all I can do with the API and playing with it more but this was nice because I don't have to worry about rate limits or ongoing upkeep. I used the API to collect the data and some node scripts to organize the returned data.

Referral Links

Since I don't have Ads or don't make any money from this website, just doing it for fun, I'll be adding some referral links to my crypto related posts. Feel free to use these to sign up and we can both get some bonus cash!

Note: Celsius and Voyager are currently mobile-only platforms


Also, gotta finish off posts with my dream future:

BagelCoin, a future cryptocurrency