Crypto Interest Rates Notes and Disclaimers

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Lou Bagel

June 06, 2021


Since I'm trying to make the monthly crypto interest rates comparison a regular thing I figured I would make a notes and disclaimers page since those stay the same.



This section is

The Goal: Simplicity

The goal of making this table is to give people, including myself, something that is simple to look at to compare rates.

People ask, or request, all the time to add more info, make the rates ranges instead of the base rates, add extra columns for example for Nexo Platinum members to see those rates separately, and many other requests.

The reason I don't do any of that is because the goal is not to provide every detail and bit of information here. For one, I'm not sure I can pack all the information into an easy to read table and two that information could change at any time.

Think of these tables more as a reference material than education materials. It is not meant to teach people about these platforms but when you are already familiar with the platforms this is quick and easy to refer back to.

How I get the Rates

This has been another common question. Though the reason for the question is probably confusion on some of the notes listed above, such as the rates being base rates.

Now that I have all of these apps I try to pull the rates from the app. Before I used their website but that turned out to be misleading at times. Some of the apps take way more clicks to pull up each rate and sometimes I will use the website rates then spot check them by pulling up some rates in the app to verify.