List of Platforms to Mint NFTs

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April 05, 2021

Best place to mint NFTs?

I’m not sure, at least yet, but figured the best place to start is by gathering a list of places you can mint NFTs.

Note that I have not used these all, as I’ve only used a couple, so this is not a recommendation for the ones listed here. Maybe down the road I will do a post on which one I recommend after using some more or reviews and more info on specific ones I do use - but as of now, I am just gathering a list.

If I missed any good ones feel free to reach out and I'll try to update! Though I'll probably take a look into it before adding so may take a bit of time.

Table of Contents

I have divided them up into 3 categories:

  • Ethereum with Application/Acceptance : A lot of sites require artists to be accepted in attempts to keep spam down and quality high.
  • Ethereum Where Anyone Can Mint : Sites where anyone can mint. No application required.
  • Non-Ethereum : Since Ethereum takes the spotlight right now all other blockchains will be lumped into one category for this list.

Ethereum with Acceptance Required

Ethereum where Anyone can Mint

Non-Ethereum Blockchains to mint NFTs

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Ethereum with Acceptance Required

In this section you must apply and be accepted as an artist before being able to mint an NFT.

Maker's Place

Created in 2018, this platform looks to have a lot of elite, high dollar works of art, despite having the peanut butter jelly time banana on the homepage when I took the screenshot.

KnownOrigin Homepage Screenshot
Maker's Place Homepage
How to get started on MakersPlace
Listing for art titled The Old Pescado House
Example of art listed on Maker's Place


SuperRare seems a bit similar to Maker's Place as also founded in 2018 and has similar fee structures.

KnownOrigin Homepage Screenshot
SuperRare Homepage
KnownOrigin Homepage Screenshot
Example of art listed on SuperRare


Launched in February 2020, AsyncArt boasts programmable art, which has states that people can control or can be controlled by outside factors. For example, pieces will look different at day and night or could be based upon weather conditions.

KnownOrigin Homepage Screenshot
AsyncArt Homepage

It is kind of hard to explain but if interested check out their website or their explainer video:

Per Aspera Ad Astra art listing
Example of Art listed on AsyncArt

Note that you can click "explore this artwork" and see different states the piece has

Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway seems to work by selling collections in "drops", which simply mean they become available for only a limited amount of time. After the drop you can only buy second hand. The about page states they do a drop roughly every 3 weeks.

KnownOrigin Homepage Screenshot
NiftyGateway Homepage
Super Satoshi 06 listed on Nifty Gateway
Example of Art listed on NiftyGateway


At first I was annoyed as I couldn't find much information with the lack of options in the menu and seemingly infinite scrolling pages, but after exploring a bit the clean aesthetic has grown on me.

KnownOrigin Homepage Screenshot
Foundation Homepage
Mead Streets, art listed on Foundation
Example of art listed on Foundation

Known Origin

After noticing that applications are closed to creators I did not spend much time exploring this site.

KnownOrigin Homepage Screenshot
KnownOrigin Homepage
Ronaldinho art listed on KnownOrigin
Example of art listed on KnownOrigin

Ethereum Blockchain where anyone can mint a NFT

In this section you don't need to apply and get accepted. Some you just need to connect your wallet to mint.


From my limited experience it seems that OpenSea is one of the most popular NFT marketplaces. Maybe I just have come across it more often but I have already seen a few other platforms where you mint and they automatically end up on OpenSea.

KnownOrigin Homepage Screenshot
OpenSea Homepage

Below is an NFT that I started testing this process on but did not finish. It looks like it is not listed for sale but people can make an offer. So I'm not sure what state it is in.

Note: I probably will keep it in this state for a while - just in case you are wondering if I went back and finished the process. Feel free to make an offer but I kind of want to keep this one!

Though, you can buy it on a T-Shirt, haha


I have used Rarible one time and you can read about that in my Creating My First NFTs Blog Post. I did enjoy the experience, minus the gas fees for something I doubt will sell, and thought the platform was polished and friendly.

KnownOrigin Homepage Screenshot
Rarible Homepage
Cheese Nightmare, by Lou Bagel, listed on Rarible
My NFT listed on Rarible


I have also minted a couple items on Mintable, once again you can read about one of them in my Creating My First NFTs Blog Post. Though the gasless option is great that it is free I have my doubts about this platform.

Mintable Homepage Screenshot
Mintable Homepage

You can mint an item for free here with gasless minting. When you do so it shows up in the store called “Mintable Gasless”, so it is almost like it doesn’t fall under your brand. It says it is created by you but not sold in your store, if that makes sense.

Also, at time of writing this it looks like 159,924 NFTs have been created in the Mintable Gasless store and only 869 have sold. So less than 1% have sold in this store. So just like in most places in life - if you create it they will not come, at least without marketing.

You can create your own store here but it will take gas to create a store, as it is a token itself. Then I believe it will also take gas to mint items in your store.

Mintable also has a “Pro account” with “marketing packages” which, to me at least, seem a bit scummy.

Two things I have minted on Mintable: Pixel Art Soccer Field and First Post on NoteBlockchain.

The second one I tried to price at $25 but it gave me a warning that if I price it that low the buyer has to pay gas fees, or something. So not sure what is going on since the docs linked above state the buyer won't have to pay extra gas fees. The info doesn't seem to be presented clearly and I did not get that warning when I minted the first one for only $10.

Mintable is a good initial step for people that want to try minting something for the first time, or maybe something they don't care about, and not have to pay the gas fees.

Minting NFTs on Non-Ethereum Blockchain

The Ethereum blockchain seems to be where the NFT scene is right now. So I would recommend doing your research on these platforms, such as how many users and sales they get, before jumping onto them just to avoid gas fees.

On the flip side, Ethereum is the spot for NFTs right now but that doesn't mean it will stay that way forever! Plus, at some point I believe we will be able to move NFTs across blockchains.

Wax Atomic Asset Creator

WAX definitely interests me. I've actually messed around and played a couple of DAPPS on WAX. Their website and UI seem a bit outdated but there could still be potential here.

Also, I read a blog post on minting here and it isn't as straightforward. You should create a "template" and a "schema" before minting an NFT so plan on it taking a bit of time to figure out what's what.

Wax NFT Creator Screenshot
Wax NFT Creator Screenshot
Screenshot of Wax AtomicHub Marketplace
Wax AtomicHub Marketplace Screenshot

I'm not sure how much traffic this marketplace gets but even if it is decent there is another hurdle. They have whitelisting and verification. I don't know all the details but if you don't get both I believe you don't show up in search. You can promote it yourself and people can find with direct links though. I believe this is to cut down on spam and copyright infringement.


Enjin is a platform that specifically targets game developers and assisting in NFT creation and management. It is free to sign up for their platform but it looks like you have to assign an ENJ value to items you mint, thus costing ENJ. Maybe you can set the value to zero or really low, but I haven't explored that far.

It does look like a very polished platform!

Wax Marketplace Screenshot
Wax Marketplace Screenshot
Wax Marketplace Screenshot
Creating an Asset on Enjin

Note: I have not created any assets on Enjin but getting up to the point in the picture is free. Need to sign up on their platform and get a wallet.

Another note on Enjin is that it is actually on the Ethereum blockchain. But since it is a platform on top of the Ethereum blockchain, as opposed to the other places that mint directly onto the Ethereum blockchain, I kept it in this category. Also, it looks like they are venturing into Polkadot.

Wax Marketplace Screenshot
Enjin Platform Architecture


Another platform targeting creating NFTs for games with some notable projects. Honestly though, I could not figure out how to get started here.

Note that Forge is not a blockchain, as most of the others in this section are broken up by blockchain. Forge can mint on multiple blockchains so just threw it in this category.

Forge - NFT Creator
Forge NFT Creator

I noticed the "For Individual" button on the Forge page, which seems like it would be how to get started for an "individual" creator, doesn't seem to do anything. The log in screen is in a different language. When I enter the console ("Enter Console" in top right) it asks for me to login with MetaMask (or other wallet) but then says I am unauthorized. Maybe you have to contact them to setup an account first?

How to get started on MakersPlace

I did want to mention them because I found it interesting that they supported three blockchains: Ethereum, Binance, and Polygon.

Also, I really like the artwork on the Forge page, pictured above.


After checking this one out briefly I am interested here but I didn't have any coins on this blockchain already. So will do more research before moving coins over, as I haven't moved anything to Polygon blockchain before.

Arkane Network Marketplace Homepage
Arkane Marketplace
Polygon NFT Minter
Polygon NFT Minter

I did give this one a real quick try. First, you have to switch your MetaMask to the Matic mainnet*. Then after filling out the small form, uploading my image, and clicking submit MetaMask seemed to popup like normal. You do still have to pay gas fees but none of my tokens showed here since I switched networks. I decided I would put this on hold and see if I can find out more information on this first.

*Note: Please do your own risk assessment. I followed the attached doc and everything seemed to work fine but MetaMask did give me a warning about the dangers of connectng to unknown networks. I am not the most knowledgeable person in this area so just wanted to say do not follow me blindly.

Binance Smart Chain

NFTs seem pretty new to the Binance Smart Chain. At least a lot of articles I have come across are very recent. I haven't tried any of these out but I did try to take a peek at them. Seem pretty new so do your own research.

BakerySwap NFT Minter
BakerySwap NFT Creator

There are several here, but it seems that BakerySwap takes the cake. Pun intended.

Would the pun have been better if pancake swap, with their CAKE token, was working?

Once again, I'm not recommending any of these. Only adding them to the list since I came across them.

GameBoy Scrensaver on BakerySwap
Example of listing on BakerySwap


I found a couple options for minting NFTs on the Tezos blockchain. Neither I decided to proceed with after looking at them briefly but figured I would list them here:


I took a look at a tutorial on how to mint on this site. It seemed to be a convoluted process that disinterested me.



When I looked at this site at the beginning of writing this article it seemed broken. No art showing up and the register/sign up button didn't work. Though at the end of writing this article it seems to be working.

It does say in Beta and it could have literally launched a few days ago. Maybe there was just no art to show yet?


Now I'm not totally sure if this counts as it doesn't say NFT but digital asset. I'm not sure how that would be different. DigiByte has been around for a while so maybe they chose to call them something else before the term NFT became mainstream. They do seem like a stubborn blockchain.

On the homepage you can scroll down to read more about their "DigiAssets" and there are actually a couple other platforms linked besides the one I have above. The site I linked looks super sketchy as it simply tells you to send a certain amount of DigiByte to an address they list and they will send back your asset. The only reason I posted that link is because I believe I saw a video of the DigiByte founder demonstrating this so I think it might be legit. Do your own research of course.

Right now the fee is around $12 and, though it is less than Ethereum, it still seems a bit high as it will be on the DigiByte blockchain. I hear it is a good blockchain but not very popular. Plus I'm not even sure what I could do with it.



Though the app is coming soon I figure it might be out by the time you read this. Plus the website is up so you can check that out.

I am a bit confused because I thought Kusama was basically a test network for Polkadot. But I guess it has a real currency so not like a localized test network where it isn't a real blockchain. Plus, maybe it will migrate to DOT down the road?


Woah woah! Don't get too excited there!

This isn't a platform for minting NFTs on Cardano. But if that does exist please let me know!

I did find some docs on minting NFTs on Cardano CLI, so for developers:


Here are a few other things I came across that I didn't want to give a whole section to:


That ended up being more than I thought, but like I said, if you know of any others let me know. You can find me via the social links below.

Now that I have a list put together now I have to research a few that I fancy!

To narrow it down, right now I'm thinking:

So I'm not going to apply to any in the first category as I haven't been focused on art lately.

If this post gets a good reaction I'll try to post about NFTs again when I find out more. So if interested subscribe to newsletter or follow me on some socials below.

Happy Minting!