Spooky Bricks: Mummy Boss Preview

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Lou Bagel

July 25, 2021

Mummy Boss Concept

This is a preview of the mummy boss level that you can play and test out below.

There are no lives programmed in here so if you lose a ball it will reset the ball position immediately for you. Other full features obviously aren't implemented here yet, such as a scoring system.

Try it Here:

Note: This upload NOT playable on mobile

Simply hover here to control paddle. Click to release ball when attached to paddle.

To beat the level you have to hit the mummy head 3 times and break all the bricks. Let me know if that was intuitive and you figured that out on your own right away or if you didn't realize that until you read this. (reach out on social media from the links below or join the discord)

Mummy Hands

Just wanted to share a screenshot of the mummy hands randomly timing up perfectly to swat the ball. This was their intent - simply to be a moving obstacle and move like they are attacking the ball.