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Dave Needs His Coffee...

Dave-Man Title Image


Dave-Man is a game by Lou Bagel with music by Scowsh. You play as Dave who desperately needs his coffee before interacting with any co-workers. With Pac-Man inspired gameplay you must collect all the coffee beans and make it to the coffee maker without getting caught by the office “Chatty Cathy”. Your success in this mission will affect your mood and productivity during the day which will determine your paycheck. Take your money home and do some online shopping however you please...but don’t neglect the missus!

Dave-Man Teaser

A short teaser video showing you the vicious cycle that you, ahem, I mean Dave, is caught up in.


Check Out the Kickstarter!

Dave-Man is the first commercially released game by Lou Bagel! A small Kickstarter was launched to cover the Steam fee and to allow people to get involved in the game with cool rewards! Such as $20 lets you be the NPC and $75 lets you become Dave! Or simply pledge $1 for a copy of the game!

Try the Demo Here!

Origins: Game Jam

Dave was created for a Minimalistic Game Jam in July 2018. The game jam version is straight up Pac-Man inspired gameplay that gets harder and harder each level. While it was a success for a game jam it seemed to be lacking something and just felt repetitive and lacked a connection with the player. Therefore adding Dave’s home life for the full game hopefully increases the connection with the player and ups the stakes on succeeding at getting Dave his coffee!

Dave on Itch.io

Dave in Lou Bagel Arcade

Demo Coming Soon!

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Game Flow

Wake Up

Pretty self-explanatory

There is never enough free time in the morning to enjoy a cup of coffee before work making it the first thing on your mind when arriving to work.

Dave Man Waking Up

Go To Work

Choose your assignment

Some floors are bigger, some are smaller. Some floors have just one “Chatty Cathy”, some floors have many. Payouts are adjusted accordingly...but if you fail you get nothing!

Dave Man Choosing Level

Get Your Coffee

Get your coffee without getting caught by Chatty Cathy to start your morning off right and have a productive day.

Dave Man Getting Coffee

Getting an earful about the squirrels she saw on the way to work always ruins your mood in the morning.

Chatty Cathy Catching Dave

Get Paid

Collect that paycheck!

Dave Man Getting Paid

Shop Online

With internet shopping the possibilities are endless! Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for new websites throughout the day!

Countdown to Retirement

Your wife is ready for you to retire and has numbered your days at work. Collect your spending money now because once retired your house is set for the rest of your life!