Red Archer

July 17, 2017

Red rectangle with a bow shooting a pixel arrow at a purple pixel deer

Mess with the Deer and get the Antlers!

See how many deer you can hunt and how much score you can rack up. But be careful, if you shoot a deer, the deer will hunt you!

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Red Archer

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Mess with the Deer and get the Antlers!

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Day Game

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July 17, 2017

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July 17, 2017

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There isn't much of a plot or backstory for this game, it is more of a simple arcade type of game, but I'll give a bit additional info on the mechanics since everything isn't super intuitive. After all, game was created in one day!

Space bar shoots arrows. You can tap space to shoot rapidly. You can also hold space to draw the bow for more power. While holding space you can't move but up and down will aim the bow higher or lower.

Note that aiming in this fashion is not to target deer north and south of you. This is simulating 3 dimensional height. So usually you only want to aim it a bit higher if the deer is far away.

It has been years, but I believe you get way more points if you hit deer from longer distance.

Also, if you power up enough at short range you can kill a deer in one shot.

A low power shot will wound a deer and anger it. Two low power shots will kill a deer but after wounding it will charge at you until killed.

If you run into a deer at all you will get wounded. While wounded you get much slower. There is no way to heal yourself and get hit again and game over.

As soon as it is game over it immediately restarts but your high score is shown in the simple UI top-left. Note this is only for this session - as in this isn't saved anywhere - so if you leave or reload the page this will be cleared.


  • Space
    • Tap to shoot bow quickly but low powered
    • Hold Space to draw bow for more power
  • Arrow Keys
    • Move
    • While powering bow use up and down to raise and lower bow. Note this simulates 3D height, so if you raise the bow it will over deer's head.
  • Tab
    • Go Fullscreen
    • To exit fullscreen press escape key


Red Archer was a simple game created in a day.

I was tired of starting projects and quitting, usually because scope was too big, so one weekend morning I set out to make something I could finish in a day.

What you see was the result of a day's work - not sure how many hours - and I enjoyed it so much I created a page on the old version of my website called "Day Games", with games I created in a day.

Unfortunately, I did not complete any additional day games in the future. I did start one, a zombie boxing game, but got side tracked on playing with physics bugs that I never completed.

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