Lou Bagel Escaping Toaster


Mobile Games!

Attempting to adapt some previously made games to mobile friendly versions.

Lou Bagel Dancing


Dave Man Mobile

Dave-Man Mobile version 1.0. Let me know any feedback!


  • Simply swipe a direction to send Dave walking that way.
  • He will continue to walk until swiped a different direction.
  • Note that the swipe is registered when your touch is released. So you can prepare to turn by swiping and holding your finger—releasing when ready.

Screen Resolutions:

Note: "Adding to Home Screen" is essentially just bookmarking a website by adding an icon to your home screen. It isn't downloading anything. The benefit is there are no navigation bars displayed, thus providing more screen size. So I recommend doing this and have created two different resolutions. Click the share button in safari and find the "Add to Home Screen" option.

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