Game Art created from modified palette from ENDESGA

Game Description

Surive The Night, a production in association with & BadMoodTaylor & Associates, is a simple, pixel art, zombie survival game intented for mobile devices.

Player sitting by campgfire

You never had the best timing in the world. The first day camping you injure your leg rock climbing. Then of course, that very night, the zombie apocalypse begins.

limping animation

Fight off zombies each night and spend the day trying to immprove your condition: such as searching neighboring campsites for a medkit & other supplies, or building fortifications and traps to help you survive the night...

shooting and reloading animation

How long can you survive?

Game Screenshots

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Survive the Night Screenshot
Survive the Night Screenshot
Survive the Night Screenshot

Estimated Release Date

... who knows?!

Unfortunately I can't commit to a timeline as this is just a hobby ontop of fulltime job, family, and other hobbies, such as web design, pixel art, and a few other games.

You can check out the very-limited, Thanksgiving edition demo, with zombie turkeys, of course, that I put out on Thanksgiving Day:

Play the Thanksgiving Demo

Thanksgiving Demo screenshot

Play demo for $0 of course

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