2020 Christmas Cube Collab

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Lou Bagel

December 22, 2020

What is a Cube Collab?

CubeCollab is a pixel art collaboration created by the great and wonderful PixelShorts. As it sounds, the colloboration is made up of cubes, where everyone submits one and they are put all together.

It is easier to show then tell, so here is a past one:

cube collab with theme of fish tank

This was the cube collab with the theme of fish tank, as it is pretty apparent they follow a theme. This was my individual entry on this one, if you were interested.

There can also be set palettes and they are run through PixelShorts's Twitter and Discord.

Winter CubeCollab

The correct name is Winter Collab, to make sure open to all, but I referred to it as the Christmas Collab since I celebrate Christmas and it is days away!

Here is my entry for this collab:

A few kids having a snowball fight behind snow forts.

The final collab was put together in GameMaker and uploaded to itch.io. So check out the Winter Collab here.

Here is a preview, or sample, of it:

Sample of Christmas Collab

But this sample, besides being quite small and hard to see everything going on, is missing several aspects. Sweet tunes by the talented Scowsh, a snow falling effect, and most importantly a zoom feature so you can zoom in and appreciate all the hard work.

So defintely click the above and check out the page!

Note: the other artists are at the bottom of that linked page and mentioned here.