Indie Game Spotlight: Naked Little Dude

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October 29, 2021

NLD jumping on Lou Bagels head
Lou Bagel getting headstomped by Naked Little Dude
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Naked Little Dude was released yesterday!

It was supposed to be released today. Got released a whole day early! Ahead of schedule on an indie game? That is rare to find!

Which brings me to my 2nd* Indie Game Spotlight:

*The first Indie Game Spotlight being Pixelot

Naked Little Dude

Or NLD for short!

Screenshot of NLD where a man tells a poem

NLD is a 2D platformer that gives me some Mario vibes mixed with the constant dying and quick restarts of Super Meat Boy.

Of course there are probably other inspirations in there but those are the games I relate to.

The pixel art is simple but beautiful and immersive. I love all the little decorative peices strewn about the worlds, which not only keep it visually fresh but sometimes can be used as a landmark - like there is that sneaky snake slithering on the platform just after the barn.

Add in the parallax layers and weather effects it really has a greatly polished visual feel to it!

Screenshot of NLD jumping through wintery platforms

The music by Scowsh is outstanding, as always! It also gives me somewhat of a Mario vibe but very more upbeat or faster paced which matches the speed at which you want to sprint through some levels.

Naked Little Dude Links

I want to put the links up front. Ya know, just in case I get long-winded and you don't read until the end!

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Other Links

Lou Bagel Fails

Instead of reading about it why not watch it!

Watch me fail at it that is!

A few days back I played an hour or two pre-release and I clipped together basically all the deaths from that playthrough. Just seems like a game that when watching something else the deaths are more interesting.

A Bit More About NLD

Light Spoilers? Not much but still want to give a warning.

Each level has a certain number of items you will need to collect. You don't need to get them all to beat the level, in fact many of them you can't collect the first time through.

At the start you only have the basic platform neccessities: move and jump. As you play through you get new mechanics added on. Wall slide and double jump are two I've collected so far and it looks pretty obviously ground pound is coming at some point.

Screenshot of NLD wallsliding in a cave

A lot of the collectibles need one of those capabilities to reach the item. So I've been mostly playing through kind of quickly and casually first, with the mentality of simply beating the level and not worrying if I miss anything. Then later once I collect a new mechanic or two I'll go back through and look to see what items I can collect.

Not sure how far into the game I am already but I've already come across several different worlds with new scenery. From winter to jungle to Halloween/zombie themed...

Screenshot of NLD in a spooky zombie land

NLD will take you underground, swimming, jumping through the treetops and running along a moving train, to name a few.

Screenshot of NLD swimming underwater

In these different lands and locales you will come across different mechanics from creatures. Early on there is a pack of gorillas chasing you where you can't stop the whole level. Below is a wooly mammoth that you will need to ride on it's back at times to get where you need to go.

Screenshot of NLD riding a wooly mammoth


Well I haven't played all the way through the game, and even if I did I wouldn't want to spoil too much anyway, so let me conclude by saying I definitely recommend checking out Naked Little Dude!

It is one of those games that you'll die and get frustrated but the screen fades back in right away and you will want to have another go at it!

Good work Pixelshorts and Scowsh!