Indie Game Spotlight: Pixelot

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May 08, 2021

Pixel Art gif of Lou Bagel kllling Slime with axe
Lou Bagel vs Pixelot Slime

Introduction: Indie Game Spotlight

I wanted to shoutout a fellow indie developer that I have been watching work on their game for quite some time.

This is the first "Indie Game Spotlight", the name for now, but I've wanted to shoutout other indies for some time now. I know the feeling of releasing your game into a black hole. The people that shed light on games - whether it is press, streamers, blogs, publishers or however else you hear about games - typically only talk about the big name games, as in games that already have buzz. Rarely does someone seek out an indie game that no one yet is talking about to start the exposure.

As you can guess my blog doesn't have a ton of followers or visitors. But even if I don't does that mean I shouldn't do what I can?

So without further ado, here is the first Indie Game Spotlight:


Pixelot, a pixelart indie game by Kyle Berger (formerly known as ice toast?), brings back all those vibes of a classic RPG!

Pixelot is a project of mine that hopes to combine the best parts of games like Fire Emblem, Pokémon, and Final Fantasy.

— Kyle Berger, Pixelot Blog

He's been working on it for 4 years and is currently released on Steam, iOS, and Google Play (see near the end of article for links). I've been trying to find reasons to sit at my computer desk less often than I currently do so bought on mobile instead of Steam. I'm not that far into it yet but it definitely has a lot of nostalgia vibes!

I was excited to see him post about the release. I had been following for years and honestly thought it was already out. I think that is a testament to the attention and polish put on the game - that it looked to be in a playable state a while back but he kept on working on it.

So wishing success for him as I know how difficult it can be as an indie.

Let me tell you a bit about the game now . . .

Pixelot Boss Battle
Boss Fights

Classic Combat System

Pixelot party of four fighting slimes
Get those slimes!

With a twist!

It may be similar to one of the inspirations I'm not aware of, but there isn't just one attack or spell to spam each time like some RPG games I've played.

You have a few different kinds of special attacks and spells to choose from. Instead of having one attack that is superior to the rest and spells that cost mana, different spells/attacks/abilities have cooldowns and some lead to another ability. For example one ability for a ninja does an attack but then puts you into a "hidden" state where you take much less damage. In the hidden state you have different abilities to use as well. Ya know, as in a ninja is hidden and can do sneak attacks.

Pixelot Battle Options
Different attack options at the bottom right

Basically they are like combos where you can or need to think a couple turns ahead. Enemies are also vulnerable or resistant to different kinds of attacks, like the classic games, so you can figure out different combos to use on different enemies.

Pixelot Character creator screenshot
Character Creation Screen

Classes Galore

You have 6 different classes you can choose from at the beginning of the game:

Pixelot gif showing different abilities of different classes
6 Different Classes
Pixelot Character Creator gif
Customize your appearance

This reminds me of the first Final Fantasy game where your party is completely customizable from the very beginning.

You start as a one-man team but you will meet other heroes along the way that you can add to your party. You battle with a 4 person party but have space for more in your army, similar to Final Fantasy Tactics.

Pixelot Army Manger
Choose your 4 to send into battle!


The overworld definitely gives me the Zelda vibes, from SNES or GameBoy era.

Character exiting structure in forest
Zelda Vibes

I have gotten a lot of inspiration from classic GBA games like Zelda: The Minish Cap and Pokemon.

— Kyle Berger, Pixelot Blog
Pixelot character moving through grass
Play in the grass...

Gear Up

Pixelot gif of choosing weapons
Equipment screen

You have 5 different equipment slots:

Players will be able to really customize their characters based on which cloaks and relics they select.

Cloaks can have any type of stat on them and do not necessarily have defense or resistance on them! Relics usually do not have stats, but rather effects! These effects could be extra critical strike, extra damage, piercing to ignore a portion of enemy defense or resistance, the ability to self revive in combat, resistance to certain elements, and much much more!

The possibilities are endless and I want the players to enjoy the experience of discovering them!

— Kyle Berger, Pixelot Blog

Fun Stuff

gif of character travelling in a mine cart

The game has other little fun puzzles and stuff in the overworld. I haven't played too far myself yet but already I've gotten into some mine cart mazes.

This game features quite a few Mine cart puzzles. To solve these puzzles you ride mine carts along tracks on the ground to reach new areas. You can then hit switches to adjust the tracks and open up new areas to explore.

— Kyle Berger, Pixelot Blog

There is so much I haven't touched on - boss fights, item shops, story, towns, npcs - a lot of classic elements here. But I'm not trying to cover it all here. I only want to give you a taste. So go out and take a look yourself and get your copy!

Character connecting circuits to open a door
Simple example of circuit puzzles

Show the indies some love!

Pixelot Official Trailer

Pixelot Links

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Twitter Give-a-way

I did a Twitter give-a-way when I saw that Pixelot was released:

As you can see I aimed too high!

I was nervous because I saw how many RTs the original Tweet got and started doing math . . .

But I did give away a copy of Pixelot and Dave-Man anyway:

But if that tweet does ever get to 75 RTs I will give away another!

Looks like it won't but I included it in this blog post to point anyone reading in that direction.