Survive The Day

Coffee. Cubicles. Career Choices.

Not everyone will survive . . .

Survive The Day is a self-proclaimed franchise by Lou Bagel, which deals with surviving the everyday life in an office.


To differentiate from a single game. There is no game titled “Survive The Day,” so I don't want people getting confused and looking for that.


Even though I started on this journey years ago, there is not a lot released yet that might qualify it as a franchise in some people's eyes.


The main focus of the Survive The Day franchise is games, both small free games and commercially released games.


Ever since I was a kid, I thought it would be awesome to be a comic artist. Survive The Day comics are an outlet for that. Sometimes, they are related to the content and characters in the games, and sometimes, they are one-offs.


I love my Survive The Day art and am proud to wear it myself. Most of the art I upload to Redbubble is just for me to buy it. But of course, I'm always excited on the rare occasion another person buys something!


Comics and Merch pages coming soon!

10 year anniversary comic

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