Crypto Fun, A Survive The Day Comic

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May 01, 2021

It was my birthday recently and even though I'm starting to feel like an old man I still received some birthday checks from family. I immediately thought "Ooo what crypto should I buy with this?"

Which inspired the following cartoon:

Crypto Fun

pixelart comic gif of two guys at a water cooler in an office

I feel like I could have come up with a better name for it but wanted to get it out while it was fresh!

Here it is in a PNG/still image:

pixelart comic of two guys at a water cooler in an office
"My grandma gave me $100 for my birthday..."
"Gonna buy more crypto?"
"She said do something fun with it"
"So Doge?"

I added my website to them so you can feel free to save and share with people! Of course, if sharing on social media check the "comment" section below where I link to where I share on social media so you can RT, tag, etc me! Thanks!

Share-able GIFs

Most social media sites have their built-in GIFs via Tenor or Giphy.


You can find this searching on platforms like Twitter and Discord:

Link: Tenor: Crypto DOGE GIF


Giphy does platforms like Instagram and TikTok but they did not "approve" me as an "artist" so you cannot find my stuff via search. (angry emoji)


Link: GIPHY: Crypto Fun Sticker

The quality doesn't look great here but seems okay as a small sticker. I go with "stickers" on giphy, which just means transparent backgrounds, as you can slap them on top of stuff like instagram stories and tiktoks.