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January 09, 2021

Work Anniversary Cartoon

Pixel Art Cartoon about a 10 year work anniversary
"Congrats on your 10 year anniversary."
"We ran out of 10 year anniversary pins so we gave you two 5 year pins."


It is an employee's 10 year anniversary and the boss comes to congratulate her. He hands her a box of what is supposed to be a celebratory 10 year pin but apparently they are out of those so he figured two 5 year anniversary pins equals the same thing.

Located in an office while she is sitting at her cubicle.


My wife, who the pixel art character in the cartoon is modeled after, had this happen to her.

Recently, she celebrated her 10 year anniversary for her company. Her boss asked her if two 5 year pins were okay instead of a 10 year pin.

Fortunately it was a joke, but feels like it could happen for real, or already has, and would make for a great cartoon.

What is Survive The Day?

Survive The Day is the name for the franchise for anything with these characters. This includes games, such as Dave-Man, cartoons like this, art, GIFs, merch, or anything else.

As the name implies, it is all about surviving the work day.

My website is still undergoing work so I don't have a dedicated page for Survive The Day yet, but will come back here and link it when I do.