Pixel Art Cube Collab: Hope

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Lou Bagel

April 18, 2021

Cube Collab's Glorious Comeback

It was on a break for a while but now Cube Collab has returned!

It was great to get back into it and a lot of great entries this week!

Theme: Hope

This week's theme was Hope.

Here is the official tweet of the finished collab:

Finished with 17 entries. Several Star Wars themed, a few with plants regrowing and such, and then of course cameos from Lou Bagel and NLD.

My Cube: BagelCoin

It probably wasn't hard to spot the bagel:

The relation to the theme might be harder to spot though.

Part of me just wanted to use some BagelCoin. Like, I hope I get to make BagelCoin?

But I do have a few ideas that would work great if I could actually create BagelCoin. I won't go into it here, as I have a lot of ideas that never come to fruition, but BagelCoin would be the hope to make them happen.

Also note the setting is Indiana Jones inspired.

Lou Bagel discovering BagelCoin in an Indiana Jones inspired pixel art isometric cube
BagelCoin: our only hope!


For those that aren't familiar with Cube Collab let me say that I made the BagelCoin cube but each other cube is made by a different artist.

Here are the other artists:

Note: The links below in this comment section don't go to my socials this time but the official Cube Collab posts from PixelShorts