Cube Collab is Back!

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Lou Bagel

April 11, 2021

The Return of Cube Collab

Cube Collab is coming back and I hope to participate more frequently!

So this blog post is warning of what is to come!

Return of Cube Collab Graphic
Return of Cube Collab

What is Cube Collab?

Cube Collab is simply a collaboration of pixel artists to make isometric pixel art cubes. Each collab follows a theme, and sometimes a set palette, and is solely for fun, practice and collaboration.

Cube Collab was created by PixelShorts so give him a follow if you want to stay up to date, participate, or to pay tribute.

Here is a gif from PixelShorts explaining Cube Collab:

You can also join the Cube Collab Discord to submit entries and join the community.

Next Theme: Hope

The next cube collab theme is Hope and entries are due by April 18th, 2021.

If you make a cube make sure to let PixelShorts know as he puts them together manually.

After just a few days we already have a couple of entries:

A few more submitted via Discord already!

I need to get started on mine . . . as I wait until the last minute often. Any ideas? I might do something with my BagelCoin, ha.

Finished Product

What happens after the collab is finished?

PixelShorts puts them together and shares it with the world! Here are some examples:






Haunted House





Join Us!

Anyone can participate!

Just grab the template, draw some isometric pixel art in the set palette, and submit by tagging PixelShorts!

Easiest way to find out more info is in the Cube Collab Discord.