Pixel Art Cube Collab: Lego

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Lou Bagel

May 23, 2021

cube collab legos; pixelart
Cube Collab, theme of LEGOs

Another Cube Collab in the books with some more great isometric pixel art cubes!

Theme: LEGOs

8 entries this week. Most didn't stray too far from the theme but the nostolgia vibes are great here.

The shading on that lego head just amazes me. Great work!

My Legos

I kept mine pretty simple. I remember building simple little lego houses like this and it of course fit perfectly into the cube shape.

I think a lot of the others are better than mine . . . but do I get any credit for being one of the first entries this week? haha.


Here are the other artists from this week:

Note: The links below in this comment section don't go to my socials this time but the official Cube Collab posts from PixelShorts