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March 27, 2021

Be prepared for a completely self-promotion post. You know what they say though: if you don't tell people they won't know.

Of course I wrote a bit about the different art and products but you may just want to give the post a scroll looking at the images. Click any of the product images to be taken to the product page.


I've had a lot of this merch for a while now. I want to have a dedicated Merch page on my website. Since that hasn't come about I figured it would be simpler to write a one-off blog post that doesn't need to be updated constantly.

Right now my main motive to create this merch is for fun. I think it is pretty awesome to have my creations available on physical products. So far, my biggest customer is me, but I still love it!

Lou Bagel T-Shirts
Some of my fav T-Shirts

Of course I do get a cut of sales but please don't purchase just to support me - the cut isn't a large percent of the product price.

I use Redbubble and Amazon. In both cases I can simply upload my art, make some adjustments, and they take care of the rest.

The price between Amazon and Redubble are comprible. Though, Redubble shipping costs aren't great so Amazon wins in that area.

Though Redubbble wins in quality, in my opinion. I've only ordered one item from Amazon but have rarely worn it as it just feels a bit off. Maybe I bought one size too small though. On the other hand I've really loved everything I've bought from Redbubble. Well, I guess one exception was a tiny, cheap magnet was pretty flimsy. I think it was only $2 so not really cause of complaint.

Lou Bagel Avatar

I think an obvious place to start is the Lou Bagel Avatar.

A lot of different products are available with Lou Bagel logo. In the image above you can see a T-shirt with the small Lou Bagel Logo. Below is a recent picture of a sweatshirt I just bought with the large Lou Bagel logo. Very comfy!

You can find that hoodie and T-shirt here:

A couple different looks of the large Lou Bagel avatar on a T-shirt and then on a tote:

Then just to show some variety, you can get Lou on your socks, coasters, or throw blanket:

Donut Time

Donut Time came from Survive The Day Level 2: Donut Perp where I recreated an opening scene in the breakroom.

Donut Time Artwork
Donut Time

Honestly, this is one of my favorite images as an artist. Not a brag or anything - just love how it came all together and am proud of it.

Here is Donut Time on some random products:

Dave and Chatty Cathy Designs

Here I have multiple designs featuring Dave, some of which include Chatty Cathy as well.

I tried to find a winning combo of text and image . . . honestly, I don't think I found it.

This section of artwork is mostly available on Coffee Mugs and T-Shirts, but some are available on more. There are few other Dave and Chatty Cathy designs but I think you catch the drift.

Coffee Time clock shows all morning is coffee time plus around that 2:30pm time of day:

I also have Dave, all by himself, which I purchased on a T-Shirt.

Really happy with how it turned out - Dave seems to pop!

But he also looks good on a pin or apron, no?

What's the Dill, Yo?

This one is available on all kinds of things as well - coasters, phone cases, pillows, shower curtain, bags, notebooks, and more.

Whats The Dill Yo T-Shirt
"What's The Dill, Yo?" T-Shirt

Back To The Future: Twin Pines Mall

Here is some fan art of Back To The Future:

Twin Pines Mall T-Shirt
Twin Pines Mall T-Shirt

Now for those copyright concious people - I created this after hearing about The Redbubble Partner Program.

Basically, they partnered with brands where artists can create fan art and submit as a part of this. Our cut will obviously be less as some proceeds goes to the brand / copyright holder. Still cool though!


Power to the people!

Yes, this is also on T-Shirts and such. I'm just having fun throwing some odd products at you.

For Your Grandma

Here are two products that you could buy for your Grandma.

That is actually what I did. This pixel art is of my Grandma and I sent these two to her for her Birthday. But I figured I would leave available as they would probably suit a lot of Grandmas!

Hands Off Grandmas Mug
Hands Off Grandmas Mug Coffee Mug

Grandmas mug is only available on mugs.

Grandma Rocks T-Shirt
Grandma Rocks T-Shirt

Grandma Rocks is available on clothing, a throw pillow, tote bag, and a pin. I also uploaded this design to Amazon, so you can buy the T-shirt version from there as well: Grandma Rocks T-Shirt on Amazon

Tiny Coffee Mugs

I created some products using a giant coffee mug I drew but it just seemed lonely. So this time I created a really tiny coffee mug and used it as a pattern:

Dave-Man NPCs: Drawn to the Water Cooler

I created an image of all the NPCs I drew for Dave-Man around the water cooler. I thought it was a pretty cool image so figured it would make pretty cool Dave-Man Merch.

Though the 1-bit theme got ruined because the product had to be a third color. As in, they don't make T-Shirts in one of my two colors. So I tried again by removing the lighter color, as the darker one is used as an outline as well.

Therefore, the color of the shirt makes up the other color keeping it 1-bit. It didn't turn out as I hoped but if you are a character in Dave-Man you can find yourself on a shirt now!

Comic Strip: Dave Origin Story

This is a comic strip I created semi-explaining the Dave Origin Story.

I hope to make some more comics . . . and make them funnier, ha.

In the meantime, I thought I'd see how this looked on a poster:

Poster of Dave Origin Story Comic
Poster of Dave Origin Story Comic